Friday, April 30, 2010

Sarah's House

Sarah's House.  Seriously, y'all.  My new fav TV show and we just cancelled our cable :(  (It gets turned off on May 10th, so we have a few more weeks to enjoy).  We decided that money was better being put towards saving for the adoption.  I LOVE the work she did in her most recent episode on the farm house.  This style is EXACTLY what I want for our house...trying, just not so sure I am suceeding!

The Mud Room
The red doors.  The "antique" chest.  The prints.  Everything about this room I LOVE.  I've never been a fan of ALL shabby chic, but I like elements of it.  So this room truly captures my style. 

I love the watering cans.  Isn't it amazing what accessories will do for a room?

The lighting is amazing.  I wish that I wasn't so afraid of taking old things and making them work for me.  I am just always afraid the price is going to be TOO much!

The Master Bedroom
I love the color scheme.  This girl just really knows how to pull a room together.  MR.P and I's bedroom is similar in color scheme and this is really where I am trying to end up. 

I love what she did with the windows.  I mean really.  Who ever thinks to do just 1 curtain panel to really frame the windows?  Love the reading chair and the bench at the bottom of the bed :)  Such a  happy room!

It's the simple things like a stack of books with some pretty flowers :)


Our living room color scheme are these exact colors.  Glad to have some inspiration on some prints and such I can do!

This sitting area is just precious. 

Main Bathroom

Ok, y'all.  This bathroom is honestly where I am just dying.  I am totally and completely smitten with this bathroom.  Isn't it just SOO happy??
I love the yellow tub obviously.  And the curtains are just too cute.  I love prints :) 

The white is great.  We just so Happen to have white cabinets and counter tops :)  I could totally do this!

I could just take a bath and enjoy some reading!!

And I will definitely trying this little project out to give some depth to our stairs.

And this little nook.  Just love it.  So warm and welcoming!

Ok, so there we have it.  I think I've finally found my fav designer and my style.  I'll just keep looking at her pics for inspiration!  I bet I can still do this on a dime!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Julianne Hendrickson said...

I LOVE that!! For me, it's hard to know the difference between farmhouse classic and traditional classic as well as accessorized well and accessorized too much! ugh...I guess I will keep trying! haha.

Jennie said...

What a beautiful home! This is just your style Beth. I still need to call you to talk about this adoption! I hope things are progressing in the right direction through the adoption process. Love you!

Red said...

Looks really nice!! I hope you can accomplish designing your house how you want it!
Your style really does reflect you!! soft and sweet. =)

Kim said...

I keep hearing about this show. I'm going to have to watch it now.

Love those stairs!! The hunt to do it on the cheap will be so much fun. Good luck!

Rachel said...

I definitely need to tune in!! My mom was telling me about this show last week, and I forgot about it until reading this post!!

The painted bamboo shades are soooooooo easy! And you can make them opaque in color too, not just white-washed.

Thanks for the sweet words on my blog!