Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I have found that when one HUGE thing is going on in my life, it makes it tough to blog (much less talk) about anything else.  So I'll give you a quick update on our adoption status, then talk about some fun decorating projects that I look forward to working on. 

MR.P and I had a goal to finish all our initial home study paper work by Sunday night (the 16th) then to send it all in on Monday morning.  Well we reached that goal!

Here is MR.P working on our cultural worksheet.

Tortilla chips - check!  Starbucks - check! We ran to starbucks to get a fun drink in order to get excited about finishing our paper work.  Sadly, starbucks totally messed up.  We got our drinks to go (bc the starbucks by our house closes so dang early).  We waited until we got home to take a sip.  Our drinks tasted like water :(  Our fav drink of all time - Chai tea latte with vanilla.  It was such a bummer.  But MR.P had such a great attitude and worked through some of the tough questions with me. 

Monday morning I sent everything off to our home study agency!  I prayed over the paper work that it would get to the agency in a timely manner and that the Lord would direct to us our baby.  It's starting to really feel real now that we are getting things accomplished and checked off our list :) 

UPDATE:  Just got an email from the home study agency.  They received our paper work today and will be assigning us a social worker today.  We should hear from them in the next few days!

Now, for some decorative projects I'd love to complete.  I found this awesome chair on craigslist.

I sent an offer in today.  Hoping I hear back soon.  I'd love to paint it black or white and put it in our office.  We really need a good chair in there.  The leather one is yuck! 

I'm also looking for a precious little white chandalier for the baby room.  I know, I am just starting the hunt.  Not fully decorating the room (although, it's totally done in my head!)
Pottery Barn Kids has one but it's $169.   

I'd also LOVE to paint our dresser in our room.  It just stares at me everyday asking to be painted.  It's just quite heavy and I need the hubs to help me.  Then it would be in our garage for a few weeks while I painted it every night. 

I'm also looking to find a desk for our office.  We are using my sister's desk right now, but it's dark wood.  I want black...at least I think.

I think it can be overwhelming to think of all the projects I would like to get done.  So I am going to just keep putting these off for right now!  With our adoption paper work and such it's too much to handle :)


***Positively Preppy in Pink*** said...

It's no wonder that you're super busy!! Good luck with everything -- even the decorating! :)

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

Yay for progress! I love hearing about your adoption journey.


Julianne Hendrickson said...

AH! The similarities continue...my favorite drink at starbucks: chai tea latte with soy milk!!

Tammy@InStitches said...

That's great news ! Saying a prayer for you and your new baby.

Kim said...

You two are totally on the ball. You'll have a baby in your arms in no time!

Love that chair. Hope you get it. And, you can always paint a chandelier white if you find one in the style you like, but the wrong color. :)

Dayka (Life +Style) said...

Glad to see things moving along in your adoption process. I love how you and your husband are making a date out of the paperwork and really enjoying every step. It will be wonderful to have this blog to look back on once you have your baby, too.

i have a million projects i need to attack and have decided to get back to doing as much as i can, when i can. i've been waiting for a totally free day, but it might be awhile before that day comes!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Congrats on your adoption! And, thanks for checking out my blog! I just finished the video of our family day. So, check back in sometime this week. I think I'll post it in a few days!

Scientific Housewife said...

Glad to see it is going smoothly so far!

Dawn said...

I love chai tea too. But I am bad- I get it breve (half and half- so good!) I am not as familair with Korea. What is the timeline once you are approved that you will travel to pick up your baby? This is so exciting! The paperwork is killins us lol