Friday, June 4, 2010


Matt and I have finally found a vacation for our 3 year anniversary!  We haven't had a trip together since our honeymoon.  We have been itching to go somewhere together that was affordable. Since I am pretty much a travel agent on the side (for Matt and I), I was able to keep a close watch on deals and such ;)  I am always searching for somewhere fun to go, but we rarely pull the trigger.  Well, as I was searching for vacation spots I remembered using  Y'all, this site is amzing.  We found a great resort in the Disney Resort area for 70% off the original price!!  We are sooo excited to go to Disney together!  Funny to think that we are celebrating our 3 year anniversary at a kids place.  Oh well!  This will probably be our last trip to Disney alone!

We are staying for 4 days and couldn't be more excited.  We plan on doing a little bit of relaxing, but mostly playing :)  MGM one day and maybe Universal Studios another day.  Then hanging out at the pool and visiting with our great friends, the Allens

Our hotel is right next to down town Disney, so we'll get to have some fun meals over there.  It will be fun to be right in the middle of things!  Can't wait to celebrate 3 years of learning, growing, being stretched, and fun!


Kylie said...

Fun! That's what J and I did back in January for our 2 yr and we had such a great time! :) Hope the lines are short and the weather is sunny.

Christin said...

That will be so fun!

Dawn said...

I love Disney. We were actually married there! We had a wedding at Disney, not a Disney wedding :) Living in Florida makes it easier to get there. Have a wonderful time! When are you going? Did I miss that in your post? Have a wonderful time, it is such a fun place for adults too.

Scientific Housewife said...

That will be fun! I haven't been in awhile but it's only an hour away for me :)