Thursday, June 3, 2010

Adoption Update again...

Matt and I had our first home study interview last Monday. It was definitely different than I thought. It was very low key and no stress. We sat and talked with our social worker for about an hour about how we met, asked a few questions, then scheduled our next interviews.  Easy as that! 

A few friends and family have asked if I am still excited. The answer is YES! It's just a different kind of excited. The reality of everything is really starting to settle in and I am trying to handle it all...paper work, emotions, life, and the excitement and fear of becoming a mother!  It's a lot to handle. So I am trying to get through our paper work and enjoy every day as well. I found that I was rushing through all the paper work and anxious about it all. Thankfully it's a little easier now to just do the paper work as we can.  We've started scheduling nights that we can devote to our adoption work.  It's made it fun to look forward to getting things checked off the list!

This Friday and Saturday Matt and I have our individual interviews with our social worker. I'm not nervous surprisingly. I think our social worker really made me feel comfortable to just by myself.  She even said it will be a painless process :) 

What's next you ask?  Well, we'll have another interview together. Then during each interview we'll give her our completed forms and such. We both have our Dr.'s appts scheduled to make sure we're healthy.

Here's my checklist for the moment:
* Waiting for copies of our Birth Certificates - I had to have them expedited bc I found out it takes around 12 weeks!
* Get record of our 911 calls from the local county police dept.
* Waiting on our reference letters from both my mom and Matt's mom.
* Print picture of the front of our house.
* Complete 10 hours of adoption classes.

At the moment this list is doable...not overwhelming or anything.  I know it will only grow, so I am learning how to stay calm now and to just get things done!  As of right now, there is nothing else to update. 

Please continue to pray for us.  Pray the Lord would continue showing us what to do.  If adoption is the road he wants for us then for him to show us confirmation everyday!  If not, that the Lord would close the door quickly.  Thanks everyone!


Christin said...

Still thinking about you guys. I know you will be wonderful parents!

Rachel said...

Adoption is such a up and down journey!! I went through such a huge range of emotions throughout the entire process! Sounds like things are moving along. I hope the rest of the homestudies go well. Oh, how I remember the days we were doing all of this!!! You will be getting your referral before you know it (even though it doesn't seem that way now)!

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Scientific Housewife said...

Sounds great, hope it goes well!