Thursday, July 15, 2010

Anna Hatcher Design

My sweet friend Katie Clark is having a baby...any day!  She was due on July 12th.  I secretly wanted her to have the baby on July 13th so we would share his or her bday and our anniversary! 

In June some friends and I gave her a shower.  I wanted the invitations to be just perfect!  Katie has a simple, classy style and I wanted it to reflect just that.  Anna Hatcher Design is a friend and she does amazing work!  I contacted Anna and told her my vision for the invitation.  She got it perfect on the first try! I absolutely fell in love with the invitation.  So much so that it's still hanging on my fridge!
See for yourself!

I just love the print that she chose.  I can't wait to have her do some art for a baby room one day :)

Here are some pics from the shower compliments of Annslee!

The beautiful table.

The mommy!  They haven't found out what they're having, so I am VERY anxious for this baby to arrive!  I have my bets on a GIRL :)

We used the invitations as decorations too :)

Writing down all the gifts she was getting!  She got some great stuff :)

And lastly the hosts with the Mommy.  Fun was had by all :)

Katie, can't wait to see this baby and pray over him or her.  I am excited to see you be a mom!


The Clark Family said...

You guys could seriously start a business together because EVERYTHING about the shower was just perfect, food, flowers, decorations, fellowship and of coarse the invitation. Do you like how I tried to match the invitation with my dress?

Julianne Hendrickson said...

i loved the pearls on the table...and those invites are TOO cute!! love it :)