Friday, July 16, 2010

Yard Work

MR.P and I are doing a major overhaul of our yard...I think I mentioned it once before.  We are simplifying everything!  The previous owners had such green thumbs and I just can't keep up.  At the moment we are working on the front yard.  That consists of the following:

* First we pulled out the 2 dead bushes :(

Here are the culprits!

Some how rocks and such got right next to the roots and they died :(  It was very sad.  BUT, while MR.P was out of town my sisters-in-law came over and helped me pull them out and plant new ones. 

Here are the newly planted bushes.  I sure hope they grow fast!

And from a distance. 

This made the yard look TONS better.  Unfortunately it didn't stay that way. 

* Secondly, we tore out the day lillies on the side (circled in photo below)...the yard does NOT look as pretty as it in this photo above.  Wish it did.  Dirt is now covering the circled part :(  Day lillies are soo pretty, but only for a few weeks.  And for my simplistic style it was just TOO much for me to handle.

* Now our plan is to buy this stuff and put it over the entire front beds.  We don't want any flowers in the front beds, so this stuff will do the trick to make sure we don't get tons and tons of weeds!  I am a much bigger fan of potted plants :)  Now lets just see if I can keep them alive.

Then we'll add bark to give the front yard a really clean/simple look. 

I normally don't like yard work at all.  But I think I am starting to enjoy it because I am seeing some results! I am seeing a direct correlation to yard work and my own life.  I want so badly for someone else to do my yard work for me.  I hate digging and hard work...just like in life, I want someone else to fix anything that's wrong.  This realization has made me want to do my yardwork myself ALL THE MORE!  It's a great therapy for myself. 

I think once we finish our yard overhaul we are going to allow ourselves to get some patio furniture.  I haven't wanted to buy any because sitting out their just stresses me out because I see all that needs to be done! 

I would love to find some Adirondack chairs for around $50 each.  Not online...don't want to pay shipping.

  As I've been searching, I can't seem to stay away from RED!  But I would love to do something different.  Lots of the accents in my house are red.

Maybe just a simple pair.

I would add these pillows.  All 3 :)  Love the orange and blue color scheme!!
Then I would add a little table, so MR.P and I can sit and drink lemonade on the back porch.  And get a good book.  And just hang out!  It will be our little getaway! 

We also have a hammock back there.  That thing is Heaven...unless you open your eyes and you see all the weeds ;)  So Really, it's not worth buying anything for back there until we get this yard work done!  Our goal is to finish right before fall.  That way, once it gets a little cooler we can enjoy the back yard :)


Scientific Housewife said...

We are doing the same thing! We had to rip out some ugly plants in the front and replace them with drough-tolerant flowers (less work on my part, lol). Now we need to edge and we'll be done :)

Julianne Hendrickson said...

ahhh yardwork! i love red red!!! i think it is a WONDERFUL accent color...hehe :)

one tip: don't overplant! that was my problem and now i am ripping out lots of unnecessary and overgrown plants :(

i love those pillows and that side table-too cute!

Jennie said...

Gfor you Beth! Tackle that yard! What an accomplishment it will be to sit your newly purchased chairs and bask in the fruits of your labors :)

Ivy Lane said...

Good luck with your project! I LOVE to garden! Wish I lived closer .. would come and help you!

Have a Great Weekend!

Mama Cobb said...

Hey There! Do you have a Jo-Ann's? They have unfinished Adirondack Chairs for around $50 I think. You have to put them together, but I have a feeling you won't mind that. ;) Plus you can use your 40% off coupon...FYI they take Michael's coupons too...happy hunting!