Friday, July 2, 2010

Flash Back

MR.P and I got married July 13th, 2007.  So, we officially are in our Anniversary celebration month :)  We started dating the summer before our junior year in college.  We both realized how much fun we have together and decided why not try it out!  So we did.  We dated for 2.5 years and then got engaged December 22nd, 2006.  I received some pictures today from my sister -in-law, so I thought I would document a little flash back for ya!

Here's a sweet one.  We definitely look really young here!
A silly one.  We really love hanging out together.  No one in the world I like more :)

And this one...yeah, I am about to school him in a mean game of basketball!  It's happened on a few occasions!

And now a few from our wedding!

This is one of my favorites.  I chose my dress bc of how simple it was.  I didn't want to feel like a princess...I wanted to feel like a bride.  This was one of the first dresses I tried on.  To this day I love it. There was one problem though.  Matt and I love to dance and the shoulder straps did prevent me from lifting my arms very high.  Oh well ;)

Happy Anniversary Babe!  To many more years together!


Aly said...

Love the trip down memory lane, the pictures are great! Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

The Rigoloso's said...

so sweet! my husband & i go married January 2007. don't you just love anniversaries?! congrats to you both!

Brian and Ashley said...

Happy Anniversary month! Brian and I got married July 14, 2007- who knew our anniversaries were so close?
I would love to see an update on the adoption process. I hope everything is going well!

Julianne Hendrickson said...

so sweet!! I love it :) happy anniversary to you both!

Hank and Anna Uzzell said...

loved the picts, beth!

Katie said...

Awwww Happy Anniversary! I love seeing the beginning pictures of you two! I hope many more anniversaries will come your way!