Monday, August 23, 2010

Chandelier Reveal

I saw this chandelier on a blog the other day.  Sadly I forgot which blog :(
I immediately wanted to try the twine.  The sticks look really cool, but just don't fit our style. 

Here is the before shot.  It used to be gold, but I spray painted it about 4 months ago.  I just never shared it because it still wasn't quite right.

I wasn't a huge fan of the shades, but I couldn't figure out what to do until I saw the inspiration pic above! 

Here it is all done.  I took this picture with my iphone, so sorry you can't see it very well.

And one with the lights on.  I definitely like it now!  It has the look I was going for now.  And I already had twine so this project was free for me!  If you want to try this at home then you can get twine from Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Wal-mart, etc.  I actually got mine about a year ago from Target in the $1 section.  Twine is usually around $5 for a large amount. 

This project took more twine than I thought it would.  Here's how to do it.

Most chandaliers should be able to come apart.  The thin part that I wrapped with twine came off, so that made things easy.  I used a hot glue gun to get things started at the bottom, then wrapped a few times around.  I added glue here and then until I reached the top.  Once I was at the top, I put the glue on top of the twine so that I covered every inch of the chandalier.  I think things came out well.  I like the look and am excited about it!

As you can see, my drapes for my dining room are pretty dark.  I decided on these before I realized my style and colors for our house.  The colors of our house are much lighter, so I am not as big of a fan of these anymore :(  For now they are great, but eventually I would love to use this fabric to make some more.

I'd love to add light teal in the mix.  This photo gives me some inspiration for the dining room.

(unknown source)
Even though this is for a bedroom, I love this color scheme. 

Anyway, I had fun doing this project.  It's so fun to make something you have just a little bit better without spending any money.  This is why I have started a box full of left over project stuff.  That way I can use what I have to spruce the place up when inspiration hits!

This weekend was great.  Friday night MR.P and I just hung out together.  We woke up around 9 and had a leisurely morning together before we went our seperate ways.  I went to hang out with my sweet friend Joy.

We ate lunch then set out to find her some new jeans.  We definitely had success at T.J. Maxx @ Perimeter Mall.  They have a great selection of Seven for all mankind and Joe jeans.  She left with Sevens in the Dojo style.  The pockets had a little threading that was messed up.  She asked for a discount and they gave it to her!  Score for Joy :)  We then headed to Ikea for a little inspiration shopping.  Neither of us bought anything, but it was still fun :)  We definitely didn't mean to coordinate our clothes either.  Somehow we do that a lot.  We have the same style, so it happens pretty frequently!  Loved getting to spend some time with Joy! 

MR.P went to hang out with our good friend Brent. 
They hung out and watched the Braves game.  Pretty much MR.P's favorite thing to do!

We had a great weekend and are ready for a busy week ahead!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Julianne Hendrickson said...

looks like a great weekend! i love what you did with the chandelier and I think that fabric will (eventually) look awesome for the curtains!!

abby @ tales and trials said...

We just went to IKEA today. :) I like your chandelier with the twine on it. Will you leave the shades off now?
I recognize the pink chandy but can't remember where I saw it last week.

Ashley Buzzy McHugh said...

Love that twine around the chandelier! We also sell these candlestick light covers at the store by a company called kaarskoker ( and they do basically the same thing. In your inspiration board I see some John Robsaw bedding and a Madeline Weinrib rug - two of my favorites! Love this whole post!

christi @ grey umbrella said...

i used that fabric and the fabric that drum shade is wrapped in in my guest room -- posted on my blog. we are considering buying a very similar yellow chair! how fun!!