Friday, August 20, 2010

What I wore!

I decided I really like the what I wore Wednesdays over @ The Pleated Poppy.  But I forgot to take pics every day.  I managed 2 days so that's what I'm going to post.


and with the jacket tied in front.

Ruffle Jacket - J.Crew outlet - 60% off ( I never pay full price for any clothes)
Navy t-shirt - J.Crew outlet - $5
Skirt - Target
Watch - Target (love it!)
Shoes - Tori friend Savannah pretty much just gave them to me because they didn't fit her ;)  Lucky me!

I really like each of these items because I can mix and match with other things.  Everything can carry into the fall as well.  I like for my clothes to work for me and not limit me to seasons!

(You look tired Beth.  Get some sleep!!)

Jacket - Gap outlet for $8.  (had been eyeing this since last season and finally found one at the right price!)
Green tank top - Gap outlet - $5 (it's not fitted and has a little pocket on the left hand side.  LOVE non fitted things!)
Jeans - Seven A-pocket Jeans - my friend Jenn gave them to me!  They just happen to fit perfectly :)
Watch - Target
Shoes - Target.  They are a little wedge so perfect for work!
Nail polish - just in case you are wondering, this is the nail polish I won from this giveaway!  I really like it.  It will be perfect for fall!  I don't normally wear nail polish on my fingers, but this one I liked too much not to try!

So remember when I posted about hairstyles that help me not to go chop it off??  Yeah, they didn't help.  I chopped it off if you can't tell ;)
Anway, I am happy for the weekend to be here!  I am hanging out with one of my absolutely precious friends, Joy! 
We've been friends since 7th grade.  Although, we met in 2nd ;)  We are having lunch, then heading to Ikea for the day.  I can't wait! 


Natasha said...

i love love love that target skirt!! you look absolutely adorable

Anonymous said...

That target skirt is really cute beth!!

Emily said...

I love that skirt, too! You're darlingl

Scientific Housewife said...

Cute outfits and I love the toilet pics, haha :)

Dobbygirl said...

You are just adorable! Love that skirt!!

Julianne Hendrickson said...

Gosh I love me some Target clothes! I really like the jacket with the skirt--i will have to try that when it gets below 100 degree!!! how do you pull that off in this heat!? You look too cute and love all your hand-me-downs--you have some nice friends :)