Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Office Work

When inspiration hits I can't ignore it.  I was thinking about what kind of bookshelf MR.P and I wanted for our office on this wall...
And these are a few styles that I liked.

( I think this style is my favorite)

(also happens to be the price winner!)

The only reason we needed a bookshelf was to store all of our stationary, random projects, and such.  Our original plan was to buy a bookshelf and find some cute baskets to store that stuff in.  Then add some of our favorite books as well.  I started wracking my brain with what the mr. and I already have.  Then it hit me!  We have this little dresser that an old tv sits on in our throw all room.  It's not the right color, but who cares!  It's a dark brown and I think it will work just fine for now.

I did a little research that helped me figure out if it would work out.  It's called drawing it out to make sure it looks good ;)

That alleviated  the itch to run home from work immediately to try things out ;)  I do this fairly often.  Helps me make things come to life. 

I also used Polyvore to see what the calendars would look like on the wall.  I think I have changed my mind from using the dry erase paint.  I'm thinking I'll buy some canvases and stretch burlap over them.  That way, MR.P can just print out calendars every 6 months and pin it to the wall.  Easy peasy!

So I got home and put what I had together.  This is what I found.
Ok, so right now the colors and such are WAY off.  BUT, I took that silver frame and spraypainted it white.  Then I spraypainted that vase a rustic red.  (update coming) Thank goodness for left over spraypaint!  The vase is from thrift store and so is the greenery thing.  I think they were a total of $3 a few months ago.  Came home and was really sad I didn't have a place for them.  Glad I finally found a place!  I knew I would.  The table thing is from a garage sale when MR.P and I just got married.  $10.  I think I like it the way it is.  MR.P thinks I want to paint everything I can.  Proving him wrong ;)

Once I have everything together I'll let you know the final look.  I think for our needs this works.  We will find some good baskets to go on the side to keep things organized.  Can't wait!


christi @ grey umbrella said...

looks great! i love shopping my home.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Looks great! Loving the burlap! We're using burlap for table runners at our wedding, and I'm seeing it become more and more popular to use in home decor too.. so fun! :) Your office is going to look great!

The Rigoloso's said...

I just saw your chandelier redo & I love it! The twine is perfect.

Scientific Housewife said...

Looks good! I would love a new bookcase!