Monday, November 22, 2010

Searching for a new home

Ok, no MR.P and I aren't buying a home. We already have one! I just REALLY like looking at homes. It's like a hobby!  I love to see the different styles and such that each person brings to their home.

When we were searching for a home we looked at lot of different homes for sale. This was a great way to narrow down what we really wanted and the prices we were looking for.  Did we want new construction?  Did we want a house that was loved and lived in well?  Did we want a house that was foreclosed on?  What about a townhouse?  There were so many different types!  Doing your research is really important to do before you start the process. To be well informed is your best friend! 

Ryan Homes has 60 years of building experience and offers beautiful homes!  Visit their site to see if they are building in your area!

Just a little preview of the beautiful homes they offer!

Beautiful kitchens!

Great townhomes!!

I did a little searching around for fun! It gets my creative juices flowing!!

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Julianne Hendrickson said...

oh yes, that is my little piece of heaven too!! I love looking and pricing and fun!