Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Cards!!

I absolutely love Christmas cards. They are so fun! It gives each person a chance to show their style and personality while updating friends on your family status :)  With a baby coming, MR.P and I really excited about our Christmas card this year. Baby Peele is due Feb 6th. I'll be ready for him or her the 3rd and 4th week of January...just in case! 

We are headed to Seaside for Thanksgiving.  We took this picture last year for our Christmas card. 

I'm really not that heavy...he's just being funny.

And here is my whole family...we are adding 3 more babies in the next few months!

Ok, anyway, I used shutterfly to send out Christmas cards and they turned out great! I'll definitely be using them this year.

Here are a few of their Christmas cards I like! 

There are so many choices!!  Photo gifts, calendars, and all!!

This year, MR.P and I are going to somehow incorporate baby Peele into our picture. Maybe using a frame with "Baby Peele" written on the inside? Not sure yet, but he or she needs to be celebrated!! 

If you are a blogger and want to receive 50 free Christmas cards or photos go here!!!

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