Thursday, December 23, 2010

Reels and Deals by a fellow friend & reader!

Good morning! Happy Christmas!! (you know, like in Harry Potter?? Never read the books, but I enjoy the movies)
You know I absolutely love a good deal. Well, my sweet friend also loves a good deal!! She is my guest blogger for today!

Meet Katie Clark!  We met in college at UGA. You don't even want to know the story. It's kind of crazy.  But here's a tad bit.  We met through mutual friends at our church in Athens because she was sitting behind me.  Well one Summer day I was waiting for the bus to take me to one of my summer classes. The bus never showed!!  I barely knew Katie, but I called her up to see if she could take me to class. Sweet thing jumped in her car and picked me up! A couple weeks later Katie needed a place to live. I happened to be living in a 4 bedroom house alone for the summer.  She asked if she could live with me and I said YES!

Here's a little peek at us from right after college...just because its always fun to look back :)

Good morning blog world!! I just want to start off saying that I feel like Oprah's friend, Gayle, by making this guest appearance on Design A-Peele.  So thanks for having me!!

I bought these panels at Goodwill in Smyrna for $7.95.

You can't even get panels at Ikea for that price! When I bought them, I didn't know exactly where I'd use them but they were pretty good quality, definitely a step above Target, and neutral (my entire house is neutral) so I figured I could find a spot. If not, I was only out 8 bucks. They are Pottery Barn Kids brand.

 Even though I didn't NEED window treatments for functional reasons I thought they would help soften up my master bath that is nothing but hard surfaces. I think they help!
The black curtain rod was in my attic, a leftover from my husband's college apartment.

I bought 3 packs of rings from Walmart for $4.97 each with 7 rings in each bag. I needed 10 per panel. The rings had clips on them which I didn't need, so I simply pried them off and threw them away. They panels came with hooks on the back so my total cost was $23 + tax.

I try to stop in thrift stores especially when I am in a nice area of town and usually leave with at least one "treasure". I usually have a few things in mind that I am always keeping my eye out for. The trick is that you have to be willing to take a chance because even if the things you buy don't work every single time you still come out way ahead in the end. If I'm in a time crunch I will run in just to check the children's and home/furniture sections.
Again, thanks for having me! Hopefully, I'll be back with more treasures!!

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