Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Solving Everyday Problems: written by Mr.P

Hello blog world and distinguished readers of Design-a-Peele. For many months my wife has been making you laugh, cry, think and most importantly saving you money by decorating inexpensively...blah,blah, blah. In my opinion, she's been holding out on you and keeping her best secret in the dark when it comes to solving everyday problems. What secret is that? Me! I'm the brains behind most of her brilliance and I'm hijacking her blog today to show you a thing or two about how to make your life easier.

How many times has this happened to you?

Yup, you get up from the couch and kick over your favorite beverage. If you're like us and have oversized furniture there simply isn't enough room for a side table all the time. My solution? If you've got kids out there you already have everything you need. Introducing, cup holders on wheels.

This may look like an ordinary stroller but under the proper circumstances all of a sudden it transforms into your best buddy! No more spills and having your wife give you that "I just had the carpets cleaned" look. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. (we also happened to get the entire set, carseat and stroller, for half of what it regularly sold for!)
Moving on, if you're anything like me you don't have patience for clutter but you're also a little too lazy to do a whole lot about it.

Here's a scenario we're all familiar with. This could be your playroom, your office, your living room, etc. Have no fear my friends because an easy solution is right in front of you. Don't let your bulky furniture just stand useless against the wall, put it to good use! I call it Catty Corner Cleanup.

Where did all the mess go? Trash Can? Was it magic? No and no. 

 You've created space for junk simply by moving around some furniture! Do you feel your life getting a little easier? So do I. Too often in life we complicate things by simply not looking around for the easiest solutions. Some people may look at these examples and say, "wow, you're lazy!" I look them back in the eye and say, "Lazy? Maybe...Satisfied? Oh yeah!"
Design-a-peele has some great ideas she has shared with you in the past and may even share some with you in the future, but I couldn't sit by without letting you in on some of the real secrets that go on behind the scenes. Thanks for reading and don't be a stranger!


Anonymous said...


Easily your best blog post ever...I laughed through the entire thing (really!) and agreed with every point. Great job!


Anonymous said...

Doh! Guess I skipped the first paragraph the first time around...!

Matt wrote it? Oops!

Well, great job Matt!


Emily said...

Laughing so hard right now. Good tips, Mr. P.

Scientific Housewife said...

You made me laugh so hard, especially with the stroller tip. Bravo Mr. P!

K Clark said...

Awesome job, Matt! It's like the principal I used to work for would tell us, "Don't work harder, work smarter!" Fantastic

Kristen | Cottage Modern said...

Hi! I was delighted to find your blog for the first time today. I recently started my own blog, and ironically began selling Stella & Dot, and reading about your own blog success over the past couple of years is very encouraging. Thanks for that little day-brightener, and thank your husband for this hilarious post....I laughed the whole time! Blessings on you this Christmas.

Mr.P said...

Big thanks to Beth for allowing me to have some fun on her blog. She's an incredible wife and very talented individual! Keep reading the posts people, it helps her have great days.

Green Door Girl said...

LOL - I am catching up in reader and OMIGOSH this is hillarious! Great post Mr. P!