Monday, April 4, 2011

Kitchen Drapes

I mentioned the other day that I used some left over fabric from our kitchen drapes to make new pillows.  Well, I never shared the pics of the new drapes!  

Our kitchen has a window that looks out to our neighbors.  So the window badly needed something.  I really wanted to make a roman shade, but to be honest I was  a little intimidated to try it.  I saw tons of tutorials, but none of them really spoke to me.  So, I decided to just do some regular panels using clips at the top.  

See, look how plain everything looks.  I bought a tension rod  which made this project way easier.  Then I bought some curtain clips.  I feel like curtain clips are better than making a slot (not sure what you really call it) for the rod to go through.  Then I used my favorite no sew tape and just made straight panels.  I think they turned out ok ;)

They really help punch up the kitchen.  I still wish I had taken the plunge and made a roman shade, but oh well!  I happened to make these the Saturday before the little man decided to arrive.  Just in time!

Today MR.P is at the Masters.  He is absolutely, ridiculously excited!  I am excited for him too!!  This is his first time there.  Hope he gets a lot more opportunities to visit.  Anyway, Smith and I are headed there later today to pick him up.  Then we are headed to the beach!  MR.P is going for work, but Smith and I are going to keep him company :)  We tried his bathing suit on yesterday to make sure it fit ;)

It's a tiny bit big, but he doesn't mind.  He said he needs some room to grow this summer :)


Emily said...

A few things. 1) You are darling! 2) Love the fabric and the panels! I want that fabric! 3) Smith is adorable. Love his swim trunks - baby boys in swim trunks just make me melt.

Scientific Housewife said...

Love the drapes and he is so cute in his bathing suit!

Hannah said...

AHHH- so cute in his suit! I did the roman shade thing- and was intimidated as well- i actually did a faux roman shade that mounted above our bathroom window- its cute- not perfect. but cute. here's the link to my post about it

Katie said...

The drapes and pillow look great! Can't believe how big little man is!