Thursday, March 31, 2011

Zig Zag to my hearts content!

I absolutely love printed fabrics. I feel like they add such depth to a room.  But really, they just make me smile :)  When I buy fabric for a project I usually buy a little more than I need.  1 - because I never know how much I need so I just add a little more on just in case :)  2 - because I usually do another project with the same makes me feel like I did the project for free!  This has made for a few nice projects lately since we are on a tight budget.  

So my friend Lauren gave me this chair last summer.

I blogged about redoing it, but never had a place to put it.  We decided to get rid of our love seat in our living room to make room for baby Smith.  So this chair now has a place!  I got a little inspiration from the fabric I used for Smith's crib skirt and our new couch pillows.  Both of which are fabrics that were used for other in my book they were free ;)

I liked the green in the pillows and the printed zig zag.  So I went to town with a little spray paint and some smoke glaze.

And this is what we came out with!

Spray paint colors are usually a bit bright and a little too shiny for me.  So I rubbed the smoke glaze all over the chair to give it a vintage/less shiny look.  I also sanded down the edges of the chair so that the smoke glaze would show up better.  I have to say...the first time I ever sanded down furniture to give it that vintage look I totally goofed.  It definitely takes practice.  I feel like each time I do a piece I get better and better.  

With some projects, I am SOO excited about getting them done (to have that instant gratification) that I don't spend the time and effort to do a job well done.  I am trying to teach myself to slow down and that I will enjoy the finished product so much more if I am patient and do it well!  This time, I definitely took my time :)

I really like this chair!  I think the lines make it the perfect look for our living room!!  


Morgan said...

Oh Goodness...I LOVE this!

Christi said...

Love love love it!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Beautiful makeover!

Julianne Hendrickson said...

I love it!! What is this "smoke glaze?

Edit by Lauren said...

love what you did with the chair! now i wish i had kept it and had vision for it...ha! :) i'm happy the chair has a new home and is looking fab!

McK said...

It looks sooo good Beth!

HannahJ said...

Love it!!! that fabric is one of the favs in my house too! I am totally gonna check out the smoke glaze- it adds such depth to the finish!

Check out my blog if you get a chance- I just posted my first ever giveaway! There's a book I'm giving away that would be prefect for your little mans library:)

Megan said...

Love it! I re-did a chair for my MIL this weekend and went to HD to get the glaze and they don't carry it anymore:( I might check my HD and see if they still have any since it is a smaller store! Love your new curtains as well and that sweet baby boy:)