Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Couple Exciting me!

There have been a few things on my list of wants.  But with becoming a stay at home mom, we have made some sacrifices financially, so they went on the back burner, because lets face it...they aren't too important. Oh and it's TOTALLY worth it to stay home with this little face :)

Anyway, on that list was some patio furniture.  I did a post a while back on how if MR.P and I finished the yard work in our back yard that we would treat ourselves to some patio furniture.  Well, then the little man arrived and we forgot all about it...the yard work that is ;)  Well, we have finally finished that yard work and now we wanted to enjoy our back yard.  But we just didn't really feel we should spend the money on anything.  But GOD is so good, even in the small things! I told my mother-in-law that if she knew of anyone getting rid of their patio furniture that we would take it off their hands...knowing I could work to make anything look fairly decent.  And low and behold!!  She and my father-in-law are getting rid of their's!!!  What a blessing!!! 

Here is a picture of a similar set.

I plan to have MR.P pressure wash it first.  Then we'll get a spray paint for outdoor furniture that will knock your socks off!  This way, I can find some CUTE and cheap pillows to really spruce this baby up!  I am so excited to finally have a place to hang out in our back yard :)  We also wanted to find a good umbrella.  But that'll just come later.

Also, I wanted an electric sander.  I have SOO many projects I'd like to do, but am way too lazy to sand down the furniture first.  Well, MR.P's mom came through again!!  She has one for us :)  I am so excited that I can really do a good job sanding now.  We are changing a few things in our bedroom so I am very excited!  I really promise to take some pics of our room.  I'm just not very proud of it quite yet.  Oh well!

And I'll leave you with a little update of our little family.  This week MR.P is off of work.  So we are taking a staycation.  We have gone for lots of walks with the little man, gone to the pool, done some spring cleaning...the list could go on!

Smith loves to do work with his dad.  He's such a help.

Except that he fell asleep while he was helping me grocery shop!

No help at all ;)

Smith is around 14 lbs now.  He is almost 4.5 months!  Such a little weed :)


Megan said...

He is so cute!! Your one lucky momma!

retriever said...

So cute baby, lovely eyes the girl , best regard from Belgium

Anonymous said...

beautiful baby!