Saturday, June 18, 2011

Picture Updates!

Today I realized that I never shared pictures from Smith's BIRTHday.
They are too special not to share :)

Smith's sweet little footprint.  They did this on a blanket for us to keep!

Sweet baby boy was so laid back from the moment we met him.  He loves his sleep!

My first time to meet him.  I thought I would be a complete mess when I first held him.  But the moment was so sweet.  I was calm and enjoyed each and every moment.  AND because I wasn't a mess, I remember every bit of it!

Me thinking, "I cannot believe he is finally here!!!"

Matt's first time holding the little man.  Matt's face says it all :)

This is my favorite picture of Matt and Smith.  

Matt's mom holding Smith.  

My mom spending a few minutes with Smith. I think she was telling him about his cousins :)

My dad with Smith.  I love how his face is so lit up :)

Aunt B and Smith.  She says that she is his favorite Aunt, but she has a bit of competition.

Aunt Deborah and Smith.  

His first bed.

My dad teasing us already :)

Terrible quality photo, but this is us talking.  Having a good time :)

His first bath!  I love that little scrunched up face!

4:00 am and we were to our room.  Man, it was a long long day!

His first feeding.  He wasn't very interested in eating.  I learned later that babies just don't need much those first few days.

I can't even express how fun this was.  

Hanging out with Dad.  We watch an episode of Friends every night.  Staying at the hospital was no exception.  We were watching an episode during this pic :)

This is one of my closest friends, Katie. I've blogged about her a few times.  This girl drove 4 hours just to see Smith on his Birthday.  It was so special to share in this with her!!  She was such a huge part of our adoption story.  She prayed with me. Cried with me.  And encouraged me to seek the Lord in all of the joy and sorrow.  

And get's kind of crazy.  Smith's adoption was a private adoption instead of through an agency.  So one day last Fall I got a phone call from a friend that knew of a family that wanted to find a family to adopt their baby (Smith).  Of course the rest is history...except that that same day earlier, Katie had told me she had a dream that I was 5 months pregnant!!  We didn't really think anything of it until we got that phone call. The birth mother was 5 months pregnant.  So technically I was "5 months" paper pregnant.  

Sorry, just a random little part of our story :)

This is another one of my favorite pics of them.  I love watching Matt as a dad to a son.  I can already see how Smith is mesmerized by Matt.  He looks at him completely different than he does me.  I wouldn't change that for the world.  I want them to be close!  A Father/Son relationship is so special :)

Smith and his wubbanub.  They have a special relationship too.

And there is that sweet little face.  

This is us leaving the hospital.  Instead of being wheeled out in a wheelchair, they wheeled Smith out in his little bed.  So glad to have all these memories.

This is the welcome home sign that my parent's made for us.  And I have to was all my dad's idea :)

These are just a few that I wanted to share.  Adoption has been such a cool part of our story.  Every time I look at Smith I remember God's faithfulness.  I wouldn't have it any other way :)

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The Clark's said...

Aww Beth! These pictures are precious, just like your story. It has been one of the greatest blessings of my life to get to be a tiny part of it:) Can't wait to see the rest!!!!!!