Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Make a Headboard out of a door Part 1

Here is the first reveal of our bedroom.  We decided to sell our headboard and footboard because it wasn't really our style.  We bought it when we got married.  Our style has somewhat transformed a bit since then (almost 4 years ago).  Anyway, our friends, the Armstrongs, had an extra barn type door laying around in their garage.  So we took that and painted it white.  We feel this fit our style a bit more.

My muscle man helping me out.  

Then once it was painted white, I used my favorite painting tool, Ralph Lauren Smoke Glaze.  It's sadly not in production anymore :(  Hopefully there is something else out there that is similar.  It basically gives anything an old look.  

And here is the finished product.  MR.P is going to figure out how to hang it as our headboard.  Thank goodness for a sweet husband that willingly helps me with all my projects :)

And I'll leave you with all the pictures that inspired this transformation.

I love this entire look.  I am not sure, but it could be 2 doors making up the headboard.  The chairs at the end of the bed are beautiful!

This one is so elegant.  It is definitely 2 doors making the headboard. I love that they aren't perfectly straight or anything.  

So sweet.  I love that the roof is going down.  It makes the symmetry perfectly off :)

This one has been altered a bit with some woodwork at the top.  Looks beautiful!

Red is always a favorite with me :)

I know, this is not a door as a headboard, but I couldn't help but LOVE it!  How perfect!

Simple and classic.

This is exactly what I want to do for Smith's room when he gets older. I mean cool is that crate!?!?!

I LOVE that the door is green.  Uh, so pretty!

And there you have it :)


Emily said...

Oh wow, i love the details on the door. It's going to look awesome when it's hung up. And those inspiration photos are gorgeous!

Julianne Hendrickson said...

I love all those photos! I too am a sucker for red.... I bought the ralph lauren glaze at home depot for $1 a can before they discontinued it yaaaay!!!!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

great pics!! all lovely! hugs! Britt :-)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

This looks great! :)