Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Seven Slings - Freebie!

Alright, to clarify, this is not a giveaway, but an actual free baby sling from SevenSlings that my friend came across.  

They are adorable and very easy to use!

This is the one I chose.
I chose this one because It's great for little boys and girls (just in case our next kid is a girl!)

This is the one my friend got. I used it yesterday afternoon and Smith loved it!  It goes from 0-35 lbs.  Smith is 22 so it's perfect!

They have several more colors to choose from.  Anyway we are headed to Disney this Summer with MR.P's family and I thought it would be GREAT to have another option to carry Smith.  He can get a little sad when he has to stay in his stroller for long periods of time.  Plus my arm gets tired of carrying him.  So this was exactly what I needed! And the free price tag didn't hurt ;)  I got a size 33.  which means 33 inches around.  I wanted it to be a tight fit.  My friend's was a size 32 and she is a size or 2 smaller than me.  I think I'll be happy with the 33.  

All you do is is use this code when you checkout: DFM2012

Hope you all enjoy!  And I promise...it's not a gimic.


Jenny Fancher said...

I just tried it but the code didn't work : ( Maybe I missed it?

Jenny Fancher said...

Just tried again, and it worked : ) But the sizing was different...my choices were 1, 2, 3... We'll see!