Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday MR.P

So MR.P's bday was May 10th.  We celebrated dad all week long with special treats.  One day was starbucks when he got home.  The next was dinner out at Five Guys.  So for his bday we made him a special "cake".  

The MR. and I don't really care for cake.  His favorite treat is a double doozie, so I made my best effort at them.  Oh and he loves baseball.  He was surprised and felt loved, which was my mission. 

That night my little sister Rachel came over to baby-sit (plus my brother Daniel) so we could go out with friends.  

We headed to a new dinner and a movie theater near our house.  Anna and Daniel (our wonderful friends who moved into our neighborhood) went with us.  

We had SOO much fun celebrating Matt's bday.  Happy 28th birthday babe! I can't believe that I get to be married to you.  Each and every day you serve and love me by going to work and providing for our family.  These past (almost) 5 years of marriage has taught me so much about God's love for us.  Through our marriage I am getting to know the Lord so much more.  Thank you for leading me and Smith.  He is one blessed little boy to get to call you "daddy".  I love to see how much he loves you.  I love you babe.  

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