Sunday, June 3, 2012

Etsy Shop Update

Things are moving along with my Etsy Shop, which can only be a work from the Lord.  I think Etsy is quite difficult to sell from, but pillows are moving on out :)  I am very very thankful!  Anyway, adoption has really been on our hearts lately.  We have several friends who are adopting and we are praying for our own as well.  After talking with MR.P about it, we decided that 100% of the profits from my etsy shop will go to helping our friends adopt as well as our own.

We aren't necessarily starting our second adoption yet, but we are praying about it and seeking wisdom from friends and family around us.  And we definitely want to start saving for the second adoption.  

I did do a little something crazy/awesome to help us adopt.  Who knows if it will work.  Here's the scoop.  I emailed The Ellen Show and told her our story.  We know she has a lot of resources that are directed to helping others. So we asked her to help us adopt!  Who know's, God could use Ellen to help us adopt! I'm crazy enough to think that it might work.  If you read this, will you send her an email or letter on our behalf.  Or even tweet it (@theellenshow) or put it on her facebook page??  Hey, it wouldn't hurt, right?

Anyway, we're excited about the future and possibly seeing this little man as a big brother one day!

(at the pool today)

Oh and here are the latest things in my shop

cream and red pillow covers

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