Thursday, May 17, 2012

Playroom Update

A few years ago we got this SUPER/AMAZINGLY comfortable chair for free.  The fabric leaves much to be desired.  

We love it.  It fits 2 people perfectly.  We put it in our playroom so we could see what fabric we wanted to use to make a slipcover.  I usually have to live with something for a while to see what I really want or like.  I searched for a while.  Price being quite important.  But I needed quality as well since we will use this chair all the time.  Plus things could get spilled on it or whatever as well.  

This was the fabric we went with.  

It's navy and white and was $7.40 a yard.  Not bad at all.  I got it from here.

My mom is going to help me make a slipcover for it.  I'm pretty excited about getting it done, but nervous about executing our plan.  My mom is an amazing sewer, so we should be fine.  Anyway, I can't wait!  I'll fill you in and show a tutorial.  

Also, a few people have asked the color I used to paint the stripes.  I used Behr Subtle Touch.  The white stripes are just pure white.  The gray is more of a blue gray just FYI.  Hope this helps! 

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