Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to make double welt cording

This past weekend was not our usual labor day, but it was actually nice because Smith and I have colds.  This is my 3rd cold in 6 weeks so it's kind of a bummer.  I think it's just the start of school and MR.P being in the schools again for work.  

Anyway, with being home a bit more this weekend I was finally able to finish the chair I'm  redoing.  The most intimidating part was learning how to make my own double welt cording.  But I overcame my fears and I did it!!!  So I thought I would post a tutorial on how you can make your own too when you tackle your first reupholstery! 

First, pick an amazing fabric that you are going to fall in love with every single time you walk past your chair.  I chose this navy and white striped fabric from ikea.  I used the navy stripes for my cording.  Then I purchased single cording from hobby lobby using my 40% off coupon.  Since I didn't know how many yards to get I just bought the whole spool :)

Now for the good stuff.  I cut my fabric into strips about 4 inches wide.  Then I sewed them together with pretty side facing each other.

Then I cut off the excess fabric.

Then turn your fabric over and put your single cording into the very center of your fabric.  Like this...

Then, using your zipper foot sew straight down the side of your cording.  I pinned mine on my stripe to make sure I stayed in the center.   A quick tip.  I went very slowly so that I could make sure the stitch was VERY tight.

This is how it should look when you're done (well, with the first part).

Then you stick the other cording into your fabric...

Then fold it UNDER your other piece and pin it down.  

Then put it in with the pointy part of the pin first so you can sew right over the pin.  Oh and switch back to your regular foot.  Now sew straight down the middle.

Then cut the excess fabric off and you get this!  Obviously this is the back of the cording.  You want to cut off as much as you possibly can so it won't show when you glue it on.

And THIS is how it turned out!

I'd say it's totally worth it to make your own.

And here is the chair all finished.

It seemed like a really daunting task, but once I got into it, it really wasn't that bad.  I'm so pleased with it!

Let me know if you try this...and if you do, send pics and I'll post!

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Livyb said...

Your chair looks absolutely fantastic!! Thanks for the tutorial!