Friday, August 24, 2012

Smith and his cousin/brother

These two boys are best friends.  Smith and his cousin, Christopher.  They are 10 weeks apart.

It warms my heart to see them love each other so well.  But don't be fooled...this was them last week.

and that turned to this :)

My sister found out she was pregnant with a boy a few weeks before we met Smith's birth parents.  A week later we found out Smith was a boy.  My sister, Dani, and I were overjoyed that our boys would have each other in a sea filled family of girls!  (Smith and Christopher are #10 and #11 with 9 girl cousins ahead of them.)

So thankful they have each other. And thankful we (as well as our husbands) can raise these boys together.  Yep, Chris, I just talked about you on the blog.  You'll probably say, whatever, but I say whatever first :)

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