Thursday, October 15, 2009

Painting the BRIGHT PINK ROOM...

So drum roll please, MR.P and I decided to paint the bright pink room....Grey!   Hahaha!  What a drab and non exciting color!  Actually, the color is called Pewter Mug by Behr.  It was only $16 at Home Depot.  I was quite impressed with that price.  I was prepared for more like $30.  We decided that grey was our best choice because of the white wainescotting.  The contrast would be great from grey to white.  Plus, grey is a great neutral color for an office and then one day a baby room for a little boy or a little girl!  MR.P made me think long and hard about what color I wanted to serve both purposes.  I got a little help from my friend over at Gift-Ink.  She's an interior designer here in Atlanta and I am blessed enough to call her my friend!

When we first started painting I was worried that the grey wasn't dark enough and the contrast with the white would be wrong.  But it's just right:) 

MR.P doing a lovely job of edging.  I'm so thankful to have a husband that will help me with all my little projects. 

Again, I did help.  It just doesn't look like it since I am the one documenting the occasion.

We plan to put up some wall mounted shelves over the desk and add a desk top computer (free from his parents since they are getting a new one.  Hurray!!).  I'd love for the shelves to look a little like this, but with office supplies and such mentioned in a previous post.

We are looking for thick shelves that will let us put magazine holders and such on them.  Anyone know how to make those yourself?  Or where we can find them?  This is a project for next month or something.  Got to finish spraypainting my chandalier first.  YAY for free! 

Something I am learning that I thought I could pass along.  Decorating is soo fun for me.  Especially finding great, inexpensive ways to get the right look.  Lately, I noticed every time I am shopping or looking at a magazine that my heart is saying "I want, I want, I want!"  I really didn't like the sound of that.  I pray that the Lord would help me to look at beautiful things with newly enlightened eyes and heart and say "That is beautiful, what a great idea" then help me to move on without coveting those things.  It will be hard, but I feel it's so important that my home spill out with the Love of Christ rather than be beautifully decorated with things that make my covetous heart content.  So now, I will hope to be patient :)


Amber B. said...

I love the grey!! We painted our office grey, and now it is our oldest son's room. It looks great with his navy curtains and madras plaid bedding. A very neutral, versatile color!!

Design A-Peele said...

oh soo cute Amber! Have you put that on your blog yet?

abby @tales and trials said...

I love the grey!! I think grey is the new black!! j/k I totally made that up but I have been crushing on the color grey lately!!

Stacy said...

Harper's room is gray. It's called Gravity from Home Depot as well. It makes for a great nursery color.