Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All Done!!

I can't believe it but I am ALL done with my Christmas stuff!  I can't tell you how many lists I have made in the past few weeks of buying one last gift, wrapping this present, or getting one last finishing touch for a gift.  Yeah, I made a lot.  You see, I LOVE lists.  They really help me to focus on the next task at hand before jumping to the next thing.  Plus, lists make me feel less like a mad, crazy lady who can't sort out life.  So yeah, I am thankful to be done. 

So tomorrow MR.P and I will meet up with my sisters around 6:30 am and head to AL for my great Grandmother's funeral.  From there we are headed to FL to be with MR.P's family.  The funeral time is definitely a blessing because it allows us to be with his family 1 extra day!  Definitely thankful for that extra time with them. 

Ok, so on to a little funny for the day.  Last night MR.P asked me if I wanted to play hot or cold with my Christmas gift.  So OF COURSE I SAID YES!!!!  We aren't very good at keeping secrets from each other let alone keeping gifts from each other.  I have always struggled with this, so I have rubbed off on him a little ;)  I very quickly found it, but only with his help.  He made me go sit on the couch and close my eyes.  When i opened my eyes there was this!!!!

I am not one for labels, but I was quite excited about this purse!!!  MR.P found it at Belks for 30% off!!  What a treat. 
Once he surprised me with the purse (to which he was quite proud of) I decided to surprise him as well.  You see he was with me when we bought his gifts.  He had wanted a pair of Toms

and a rain jacket.  We found both at GREAT prices.  So he was happy.  Well he also wanted one other thing, but we said we'd wait on it.  Well he was SOOOO surprised when I surprised him with this!

I found it on sale at Target...but only bc they were out of stock online.  Oh well, I'll take it!!
We are terrible!  We can't even wait 4 more days!  You know, we are the only adults in our house so I guess we are allowed to break the rules here and there :)  We had fun!

Christmas isn't just about gifts, but you know what?  It's really fun to give them and see the face of the person receiving.  I really enjoy giving and hope to learn to be more thoughtful during the year.  I will be MIA for a few days, but will try to post a few updates here and there.  Hope everyone has a wonderful and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so bad at surprses. I always try to tell people what I got them or give them their gift early.

I also try to guess what my presents are from other people. Terrible I know!!

I have fortunately gotten better about this over the years but I still love to find out about surprises before they happend.

Hubs once tried to surprise me with a treadmill while he was on deployment and I totally ruined it.

I hope you have safe travels and a wonderful christmas.

Anonymous said...

Not one for labels? Please.

{ L } said...

You are too funny! I would have said YES to the hot and cold game too, lol. Loved seeing the pics of you guys with your gifts. And what a blessing that your grandmother had so many years on this earth. <3