Tuesday, December 29, 2009


So Christmas came and went very quickly.  Like I mentioned before, we headed to AL for the funeral then onto FL for Christmas with MR.P's family.  13 hours in the car that day!  We had a great time with everyone but are glad to be back home.  MR.P traveled most weeks in November and December so he is VERY happy to be home. 

I have a few "projects" up my sleeve for the next few months.  I am planning on painting our bedroom a color similar to this one from Behr Paint.

Cumberland Fog - which has a good amount of gray and Blue. 

Our bedroom is a dark khaki right now with Green bedding.  The accent pillows are cream, blue and cream striped (trust me, it goes).  Our bed is dark wood as are the accent pieces of furniture.  So picking out the right paint color is project #1.  Project #2 is actually painting our room.  We are contemplating painting the master bathroom as well in a lighter color of whatever we pick.  We discussed doing stripes, but I think it would make things a little more difficult. 

Project # 3 will be mounting the microwave above the stove.  The previous owners of our house left their microwave for us.  It was so sweet of them.  The only problem with it was the size (SOOO BIG that it took up too much counter space) and that it broke about a month ago ;)  No biggie.  We were planning this project anyway.  We chose the perfect microwave.  The fake stainless steal so that no finger prints show up.

Before we can do this though, we have to get a new electrical outlet installed.  Wish I could do that myself!  We'll definitely be having someone else do that work for us.  Then we'll probably have Home Depot put the microwave in for us as well.  Neither of us are pro's at this kind of stuff.  And even though I am a fan of saving money wherever you can, this is one area I think spending more in the beginning SAVES MORE in the end!

Ok, so these are the projects going on at the Peele house hold.  This will keep us busy for a while.  Just ready to have our microwave back so we can make popcorn!!

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Mama Thompson said...

I know you changed your mind on the microwave thing...but I think you should change it back. When we moved into our house the previous owner had a counter top microwave and I wanted one above my stove...my husband put in an outlet box (for VERY little) and then mounted the microwave. Then just recently he did the same for our neighbor. He is handy...as are you two...but not an electrician or a builder of any kind...but found out how to do it and then just did it. If you are really concerned then ignore this...but I really think you will be happier with the extra counter space and if the cost is little...it is so worth it:) I'm just saying!

By the way...love your blog!