Monday, April 12, 2010

Bringing out the Spring/Summer Clothes + a Little bragging!

Do you switch your Summer & Winter clothes out of your closet?  Until now, I never did.  This was the first time I have had extra closet space to be able to do that.  While living in apts in college and our first few years of marriage, I had to stuff it ALL into one closet.   Now that we don't have any kids, I can use the extra closet space to put the clothes we aren't wearing away.  Less CRAMMED CLOSET = more space and an easier time finding things to wear which also = less clothes I am tempted to buy!  I really struggle feeling like I have nothing to wear when its all crammed into a tiny space.

My closet does NOT look like I have to be creative.

And it definitely doesn't look like this!

I do wish I had this many pair of jeans though.  Don't need them, but it would be fun :)

Honestly, when I look at these celebrity closets I would love the clothes, but that's what what I am coveting after.  I really covet the organization.  It's a struggle for me, but that's the cold, hard truth. 

Ok, though, really.  Now back to the point of my post today.  I think switching your winter and summer clothes out of your closet can be a GREAT way to feel like you have new clothes.  Most weather changes, I feel the need to buy a few new pieces.  I was very surprised this spring that I haven't felt that need!  Bringing all my spring/summer clothes back downstairs really made a huge difference.  I felt like I had all new clothes!!  They weren't hanging in my closet for months in front of my face.  I know girls, its all in my head.  But, seriously, whatever it takes to save some money!!

Now this is actually what my closet looks like. 
It took all I had in me to not fix all the hangers in the closet...this is the real us ;)

MR.P and I were so blessed by the previous owners of our house.  They left their organized closet stuff for us!  We have really enjoyed having specific places for our shoes :)

Ok, now I am just plain bragging.  I was over at my sweet, sweet friend Savannah's house and I asked her if Tori Burch shoes ever went on sale.  I had wanted a pair of gold ones, but these are just not in our budget...and probably won't ever be!!  So she said she actually had a pair that didn't fit her right.  Well, to my surprise she had the exact pair I had wanted!!  So she practically gave them to me!  I was soo excited!  They have barely left my feet ;)

Savannah is always cleaning out her closet and having sales.  If you are interested let me know.  I can definitely help you out!


Anonymous said...

Good job on the clean closet! And I love the shoes!

Red said...

Your closet looks great! I wish I could switch out our clothes when the season changes,but I don't have the extra space, I totally understand how it can make you feel like you have new clothes! I'm with you on that girl!
what I need to do is have a yard sale and sell some clothes that are just not my style anymore!! lol.

Anna Armstrong said...

Let me know if she's ever selling clothes or shoes!

Julianne Hendrickson said...

NO WAY! I want those shoes BAD!

Dayka (Life +Style) said...

so they ARE tb--love them! what a great friend!

lauren elizabeth said...

I just swapped out my clothes and I feel the same way! I'm having so much fun with my spring/summer stuff now.

and very jealous of your tb flats! maybe they should make a tb outlet :)

Dobbygirl said...

Shoes are fab! I have the leopard print ones - super comfy!