Thursday, September 2, 2010

Office Update From Shopping At My House

Yesterday I posted about setting up a little place to organize the Mr. and I's office things, like paper, stationary, and random projects we are working on.  Well here it is all finished. 

So this will do for now.  Once I got everything in the office all set up, I started to feel like it was cramping the room.  I decided I needed to sleep on it, so I did.  In the future I'd like something a little smaller and flat against the wall.  But it really does the job we need. 

Once that was done I printed out our 4 family values to see what I thought about putting them on the wall.  I think I like it!  Just need a few more days to decide.

I also added this to our light switch. 
I honestly think it needs to be a bit bigger.  I'll have to get used to it.  Might change it though.

It has been really fun focusing on one room instead of jumping back and forth like I normally do.  Hopefully in the next few weeks it will all be done and I can do a big reveal.  Just need to get my camera back...ugh! iphones can't be used for a big reveal!


Mama Cobb said...

Ohh! I'm loving the sharpie thing! What is that cute font? And, I don't think the light switch one is too small. :)

Scientific Housewife said...

Very cute!