Friday, November 5, 2010

Ralph Lauren Smoke Glaze 2

Earlier today I blogged about my favorite DIY accessory. Ralph Lauren Smoke Glaze.  It's only $14.99 at your local Home Depot. They should know exactly what you're talking about. They'll mix it right up for ya.

So moving on. I took the tray out to my garage  studio and spray painted it orange. I was just slightly shocked at how bright the orange was.  It was like blindingly orange. So orange that I think construction workers probably use it! It was Rustoleum, so they probably don't use it, but still. I thought about running to the store and getting a different orange. I decided I'd just leave it be and hope for the best. I let it dry for a day.

Then I sanded down all the edges of the super orange tray.  Still crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. Once it was sanded down to my liking, I cleaned all the dust off.  I took a paper towel and dipped it into the Ralph Lauren Smoke Glaze. I rubbed it all over the tray. I focused on the sanded down edges at first.  I was hoping that the clean wood would grab the glaze. Surprise!!  It did! Once the edges were perfect, I rubbed more glaze over the entire tray. The once bright, construction, orange turned into the dulled down look I was going for. Thank goodness! Not that I had spent a ton of money, but I don't like wasting money either. I was totally and completely sold on the smoke glaze.

Here is the final product + My living room (as requested).


I love how the wood cracks grabbed the glaze. The affect is great.
(excited to browse through the pottery barn catalog)

We use the tray on our ottoman to keep magazines and our tv remotes organized.

And here is our living room!
(you can see my purple 2 lbs weights under the couch...that's my place to keep them!)

We recently took our love seat out to make more room. It was starting to feel a little closed off.  We are trying to sell it, if anyone knows someone that needs one.

This is such a great product to use to get the distressed, vintage look you're going for. It is an easy project that anyone can do to any piece of furniture you'd like to change!


CASABrasi said...

Hi Beth! Thanks so much for swinging by my blog. You asked me a question about the striped fabric I found. I found it at and the collection is called VERTICAL. My choice was the chocolate and natural stripe. Hope this helps! Thanks again for stopping by!

Amanda (CASABrasi)

Julianne Hendrickson said...

ooooh i love it! so cute...I hate all those tv remotes too, what a cute idea.