Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cheap Date Nights

As the new year starts, and we are bringing a baby into our world, we talked budget.  One category of the budget that we will not cut out completely is date night money. We feel very strongly that having date nights is important to our little family of 3.  Thank goodness we have always done cheap date nights. Don't get me wrong, sometimes we splurge a little and go somewhere nice, but most of the time it's on the cheap. 

Here are some of our date nights: (you may not call them dates, but they definitely are to us!)

* QT dates - ok, if you live in the South, then you definitely know what QT (Quick Trip) is.  It's basically the cleanest, nicest gas station around. I know, sounds sooo trashy. But it's not. We go on dates here to grab a fun drink and a snack. We'll either take it home for a movie night (winter) or to the park (summer).  We can't wait to introduce these special dates to our little one!

* Walking around the mall - usually we'll grab some chick-fil-a or something then just walk around the mall. Sometimes we have an agenda and sometimes we don't. It's just nice to walk around together instead of being trapped inside during the cold winter months.

* Walking around our favorite Antique store - We usually have a QT date before this...then we walk around and get inspired by all the beautiful things! We love to dream :)
* Taking a walk - we have this GREAT trail called the Suwanee Greenway. It's about 2 miles from our house. Unfortunately, I am a woose and can't handle it during the winter. So we reserve this for spring, summer, and fall months. There is a playground at the end of the trail that is fun to swing on for a little break in the middle. Once we are done we usually grab some breakfast.  That is MR.P's favorite part ;)

* Ice cream dates - we have this great little ice cream place in the middle of one of our favorite parks. We love to go there then lounge at the park. This is making me really excited about spring.  Goodness gracious...it's January. I have a long time to wait!!

I love dates with the Mr. He is precious and I love him so much!  We had a great night last night. We started off our night by catching up on each other's days. Then we worked out together (whoohoo!) Cooked a simple dinner (surprise, surprise). Then we read for about an hour. MR.P was finishing up "Fathered By God" and I was reading "Baby Wise"...except for mine is seriously 18 years old. It was my mom's book :) I am going to read "Fathered By God" too. Matt was raving about it!

I leave you with this! I hope our child has this kind of confidence!!!
Pretty sure as a kid my parents never worried about my confidence...it was always pretty high ;)


Scientific Housewife said...

Great idea, I love cheap date nights :)

Red said...

Cheap date nights are the way to go!! and your QT idea is not trashy at all!! who would think that?? only a snobby person! ;)I think its a great and savvy idea!!

Green Door Girl said...

great date nights! I LOVE QT :)

May I also recommend Secrets of the Baby Whisperer - I read Baby Wise and when my baby wouldn't sleep the alloted 1.5 hours during the day I cried for days until I found Secrets - same concept as BW but allowed for flexibility - which we needed. She was sleeping through the night (12 hours) at 10 weeks, my youngest who I started on day one with Secrets - 6 weeks :) You are going to get tons of advice I am sure - do what is good for your family, but I loved the book (and I am very structured and thought BW was for me!) and wanted to share.

Stacy said...

Love that video!

Also, check out "Happiest Baby on the Block" when it comes to sleep patterns. It's a good, and easy, read too. :-)
You're going to be a fantastic Mommy!
PS: Do you have a subscription to Parents or Baby magazine yet? They're great!!

Coach A said...

We also love QT! We always brag on it whenver we leave the Atlanta area, which I guess it's weird, but it is not just a gas station! :) You are not alone girl, we also have those dates. I think the best are in the summer when they have their awesome drink deals. We are all for cheap dates too! I think those can be the best because you're not worried about money, just about enjoying your time. Definitely worth keeping in the budget!

Katie said...

Bahahaha that video is so stinking cute!!! I love cheap date nights too... we have been mastering those as we try to save more money!

Liz @ It's Great To Be Home said...

That video is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! And I love your ideas for date nights, you're making me want to scout out great parks!

Seagrass Interiors said...

I love your date night ideas! I'm completely with you on that front. My hubby (of 3 months!) and I are on the mother of all super budgets!! A trip to QT (if CA had them) sounds just up our alley. : )


PS That video gets me everytime!!

Seagrass Interiors said...

OH almost forgot! Thank you for the Atlanta dining suggestion - I can't wait!


classic • casual • home said...

We are not good budget people but fortunately my husband and I like to out-do each other in the kitchen. He wins.
Mary Ann