Monday, August 22, 2011

Playroom Plans

Smith needs a room to play in.  He is quickly growing and will soon be crawling!  So we decided to bite the bullet and sell our dining room table in order to make space for this play area.  I posted it on craigslist one night just to see how it went and by the next morning it was sold!  Wow! I guess it was meant to be!  My friend said that God controls craigslist.  She's totally right.  I've tried to sell  multiple things and they never sell.  So, we were very thankful for a sweet couple to come and pick up our table.  

We used the money to buy a new rug. We have hardwood floors in there, so we definitely needed something to soften things up.  Smith is sitting up well, but occasionally he falls backwards.  We wanted some padding for his sweet little head :)  

I had a really hard time deciding what to buy.  I wanted to be patient and get the right thing, but also get a good deal.  These are the 2 that we had to make a decision between.

Dwell Studio - $200
Honestly, this one is my favorite.  I would absolutely love this one.

Homegoods T.J. Maxx - $100

We couldn't pass it up.  $100 for a 5x8 rug that was pretty cute.  There was a small rip in the back of the rug (which you can't see from the front) so we got an additional $50 off :)  

So we took it home!

Sorry for the terrible picture.  I was holding the johnny jump up out of my way so I could take the picture :)  So anyway, we bought a few paint samples and decided on Gentle Rain from Behr.   

It doesn't seem to have any hints of purple.  Thank goodness!  

So that is where the room lies right now.  We have a few other plans that I'll share later!  


Holly said...

I love the rug and the gentle rain color! :)

The Clark's said...

I didn't know you got an extra $50 off!!!! Wow, what a deal!