Friday, March 15, 2013


Lately life has a little on the crazy side/not super busy.  Adjusting to life on a mountain has not necessarily been as easy as I thought.  Add in moving to a new city, Matt and I sharing 1 car, and a much much smaller house (850 square ft to be exact) and you've got some major transitions.  We don't live close to anything...and I mean anything! Can you believe the closest Target is 45 min away?!?!?  Can you even imagine?  Suffice it to say, it's been an adjustment from living in Atlanta.   

All that to say, we are starting to enjoy ourselves a little now!  Here's what's been going on around here!

We got a membership to the TN aquarium for Smith's bday gift.  It has paid for itself over and over and over.  He LOVES it!!

Gigi and Big Daddy came to visit and took us on the incline railway.  It goes straight up the mountain.  Smith loved it and LOVED seeing his grandparents.

A few weeks later a few of Smith's cousins came to visit!  His cousin Alli shares the same bday so we celebrated by having lunch and cupcakes at home then headed to the aquarium!

Cupcakes! My first attempt at making my own frosting and it worked! I'm not great in the kitchen, but trying to get better.  I also bought my first set of frosting tips, which makes icing cupcakes much easier (I know, I'm the last person on the planet. oh well!)

Party favors!

At the aquarium.  I love my nephews face right here.  Seriously one of the cutest kids ever.

I sure hope these 2 are best friends as they grow up.

Amazed at the stingrays.  

This was Smith's actual bday.  Matt leaves pretty early in the mornings so we got Smith up early so he could see daddy and have bfast with him.  

Birthday chocolate chip muffins.  He has started picking out the "special treats" and eating them.  This boy cracks me up.

Blowing out candles! He asked to blow out candles for days after we did :)

Some friends came to stay with us for Smith's bday weekend!  Addy and Smith after bathtime.

At the aquarium...again :)

Dads and kids with the stingrays.  

The next weekend more friends!!  Katie and Jack Allen.  Derrick and Lucy stayed home this time, but we hope to see them soon.  We went down the mountain to the aquarium again and it started snowing!  The boys loved it!

Footie pajamas are just too cute!

Then we celebrated Vday.  My mom always made holidays so so special so I am trying.  It's actually not easy for me and I seriously lucked out that Wal-mart had some stuff in the .97 cent isle.  

And lastly Smith has been sick several times this winter.  Seriously NO fun.  Check out those arms and that face!  

I've started sewing again and have a few reupholstery projects I'm starting, which means I'm feeling settled and back to normal :)

I just added this set of pillows to my Etsy shop.

And I just 2 of these chairs from my grandmother.  I LOVE them.  They are going at our kitchen table.

This is the fabric I'm using to reupholster.  Can't wait!

Anyway, that's what's been going on around here.  Hope everyone is doing well!


sharongracepjs said...

Totally with you on the horror of an inconvenient Target. Life is hollow.

amy said...

first off, well done on the cupcakes!! there's nothing better than figuring out that you can do something that you thought was hard.

and second, LOVE the fabric for the upholstery. love it. reminds me of the fabric in my dining room chairs. :)

Jenn said...

Can't wait to see the chairs! Also- I had no idea ya'll are sharing a car! do you and Smith go stir crazy at home during the day, or do you guys take your hubby to and from work?