Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas is very quickly approaching!

I have never had Christmas approach sooo quickly!  Have you?  I still have a few things left to buy and a few things left to throw together.  MR.P and I are headed to FL again to celebrate Christmas with his family.  I think this will be his 4th time to FL this month.  WOW!  I am thankful he is home with me now though.  It makes our time together so much sweeter :) 

I haven't done many projects this Christmas.  MR.P and I decided to keep the decorations simple.  We didn't buy anything extra for the house this year.  We just used what we had.  Now don't get me wrong, I wanted to buy a few little things from Pottery Barn or make a few more projects, but we were trying to keep it simple.  Especially since MR.P has been out of town so much AND we won't be in town for Christmas. 

I am working on these Christmas Cards though.  This is our card...

My sweet sister gave me this over Thanksgiving as an early Christmas present!  I can't tell you how much I LOVE it!!

(Perfect, not too dressy, not too casual...just our style!)

This is the design she gave me.  It's just perfect.  I have to admit, this gave me a little boost of energy to get going on our Christmas cards!  This stamp makes them 10 times cuter!  These can be found by searching PSA Essentials - Peel and Stick.  They range in prices and can be a great gift.  You can buy different stamps to add to your collection later on!  I plan on buying 1 more for myself with our monogram! 


Anonymous said...

i'm jealous! i have always wanted one of those stamps but since we move so frequently i can never justify it.

it would be fun to have a monogram one so you could make your own stationary. nothing i love more than monograms+stationary!!

Anonymous said...
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