Friday, January 29, 2010

My Nieces Birthday gift

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make it wear it

This whole sewing thing has been REALLY fun for me!  It hasn't gone down without a bandaids, but I am pretty sure it was worth it.  I decided to get a tshirt from Target for my niece Alli and sew some cute flowers on.  She turned 4 on Monday.  I honestly can't believe how old she is!  Another niece turned 5 on December 27th!  Ahh!! they are all growing up way too fast!  It just kills me!  Anyway, I started making these flowers and they were harder than I expected.  Only because it was my first, really.  I finally figured out how to sew in a circle and then it was easy! (who knew sewing in a circle was hard stuff!)  They came out very cute.  And I think she liked it!

(isn't she just a ham?!)

Anyway, has anyone noticed that I keep using ticking stripe?  Yeah, it's because its the only fabric I have.  Once I run out, I will start making a collection :)

Ok, so today is FRIDAY!  I am incredibly thankful.  MR.P and I are headed to Macon to visit my grandparents and my sister's family!  We LOVE going to see them!  My brother-in-law is Super funny, so we always lose a few calories while we are there.  Plus, we get to see my 3 nieces!  They are just too cute!  Love them!  Anyway, hope everyone has a happy weekend.  See you Monday!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kitchen Window

MR.P and I are still trying to decide what to do with our Kitchen Window.  It desperately needs to be covered, but the Roman Shade I want is not available it was WAY too expensive!  So here are some options that a reader sent me!  I completely forgot about World Market!!

Do I want a Roman Shade that I won't have to alter?  Are these the right colors for us?

Or do I want something that I will have to iron to death and just cut and hem the bottom?  But the perfect colors?

I am having a tough time deciding.  I could just wait for the perfect fabric and go from there.  It would be much more cost effective.  Any opinions?

And now...the start of my workday.  Making my list of things to do!  Always a new, fresh day at work!

So far so good...

This is the first I have seen of this.  It's sooo sweet!  By the way...I LOVE Bonnie Hunt.  I think she is too funny!  And I kind of think we would be good friends. 

I have a niece named Savannah who is 5 and I am pretty sure she would have done the same thing!  I am totally with this girl on wanting to make sure I looked presentable when the ambulance got there ;)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Gifts!

As you all know, I am learning to sew.  My sister helped me make this sweet, precious gift for some friends.  I love the whale and the searsucker!  It totally matches this friend's personality and style. 

This will definitely be my go to gift for friends having babies.  Everyone needs onesies and burp cloths. 

Can't wait to make more! 

Something I learned about myself recently.  I have wanted to find some crafts and such to make in order to start an Etsy store.  I get inspired by reading all these different blogs and get all excited about what I can/could do!  Well, I realized that I don't like making crafts to sell.  I don't like the pressure that goes along with it.  So many of you are SOO talented, so I will leave it to you instead:)  I rather enjoy making them for MR.P and my home and for gifts.  I think thats why I am so excited about partnering with Stella & Dot.  Loving the journey already!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First Stella & Dot Trunk Show!

My sweet, sweet friend Tamara gave my first trunk show!  She has been so sweet and encouraging as I have ventured out on a new path.  I wish this picture was brighter, but it was taken with MR.P's iphone, so it will have to do.  We had a blast!  I even signed on a new friend! 

If you are interested in hosting a trunk show please let me know.  You can get some great free jewelry! 

Friday, January 22, 2010

Winner of 100th Post Giveaway!

Congrats to Bek* over at All Things Go who won the 100th Post Giveaway!!

You are going to love this stuff! If your skin is sensitive I recomend trying it on a few small places before you use it all over your face. Mine is sensitive and it works just fine, just want to make sure you don't end up like Kelly Kapowski on Saved By the know, the episode where her face turns purple?

Anyway, send me your address and I'll mail it straight to you!  Congrats!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Stella & Dot Order In for Design A-Peele!!

My Stella & Dot Business has started out as really fun and exciting!  Just wanted to share that the first order has been received!  The customer was very excited and pleased with their purchase.  She bought the Lion Stamp Cuff Links .  These are a great gift for Dad, especially since they are onsale for half off!

I have already booked 3 trunk shows.  If you are interested in earning some free jewelry please let me know.  Email me . We can schedule a trunk show and get things started!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Friend TamaraB@


I just wanted to let everyone know about my friend Tamara who works for a promotional item company.  Tamara has the solution for your company’s Mailing, Fulfillment and Promotional Marketing needs.  So please click the button above to see if Tamara can help you out!  You can also call or email her!  I am going to use her in my new business venture and so should you!

Tamara D. Bailey

Striking Solutions Inc., a division of Mail Sort Inc.
2005 Newpoint Parkway
Suite 100
Lawrenceville, GA 30043
o 770-717-5500 x. 2262 / direct: 770-717-2752
f 678-739-2422
c 678-727-8747
"Mailing, Fulfillment and Promotional Marketing Solutions"

** I have created a button on my sidebar with her info as well to make sure you all have her info on hand quickly.

Birthday Present for My sister!

Since I just got a new sewing Machine I decided I could make my sisters Bday gift.  I bought a long sleeved t-shirt from Target and decided to use this tutorial to sew a flower on!  Well, since this was my first venture with sewing things onto clothing I asked said sister for help.  She was a great sport since it was her own birthday gift!  I think it turned out super cute! 

My sister put the earring in the middle.  I think that was the perfect finish for the shirt!

She looks great!  The shirt will look better over time.  Once she washes it the flower will fray a little and fluff up a lot!  I think this is an easy way to dress up old tshirts :)  Try it!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Live to 100

I fell in love with this sign from My Sweet Savannah's Etsy shop.

MR.P and I say this to each other all the time.  I never want to live a day without him.
Sadly, I know thats not going to happen.  Then we have to remember that we should be relying on the Lord for everything instead of our spouse.  Tough lesson to learn.  Nontheless, this is a sweet sign that really shows how much we love each other :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Design A-Peele Partners with Stella & Dot Jewelry!

I am so excited to announce that I have taken on a new job!  I am still with the same company I have been for the last 3 years and am incredibly grateful for that :)  Anyway, the new job is just on the side.  The company is called Stella & Dot and is an incredible jewelry line that I am thrilled to be working with!  The pieces vary in price ranges so it fits all budgets!  Which is good for me and my readers!  Here are some pieces that I just LOVE!

Crest Pendant - I love this piece because it's really classy and only requires a simple silver chain along with it...which most of us have! It's on sale for $21.

Sasha Flower Pendant - I love this flower pendant so much that I gave it to my mother-in-law for Christmas!  I think its a simple piece that can really go with a lot.  The great thing about this one is that its a pendant but also has places on the back to put on a necklace! 

 - this necklace is such a bold statement! 

I love how it has so many options on how to wear it! Now that is versitile!!

Lastly but almost my favorite...these rings!  They are the perfect gift for a friend, mother, sister.  Anyone!

Bloom Flower Ring- Coral/ Gold - this will be great going into the spring.  Can't wait for that spring weather!

Sofia Cluster Ring- Smoky - this one can go with anything!

I am really excited about this opportunity.  Please email me @ or leave a comment if you have any questions.  I will be filling up the calendar with parties to show the jewelry soon.  If you are interested let me know.  We can make a fun, girly, movie night.  January party hostesses with a $500 show earn an additional $75 in free jewelry!  Plus, you would be one of the first to show case the new Spring line!

Hope you all enjoy Stella & Dot as much as I do!

100th post giveaway!!!!

I can't believe just a few short months ago I started this blog.  A few of my sweet and dear friends encouraged me to do this blog.  I was hesitant, but as a quick decision maker I did it!  It started off with a bang and I have thoroughly enjoyed it and the friends I have met along the way!  As a thank you to all of my readers I wanted to do a giveaway.  This blog is all about decorating and dressing inexpensively.  Well, that also includes your face!  I know tons of women that spend SOO much money on their face lotion or face wash.  I myself have struggled with that as well.  I thought, "I will do anything it takes to have good skin!"  Well, about a year ago I found this face cream that is A-MAZING!  It's called Esoterica Fade Cream (Esoterica Fade Cream Nighttime) (Esoterica Fade Cream, Daytime with Moisturizers - 2.5 oz).  I was surprised to find out it was only $7.99 over the counter and lasted about a year.  You can have it special ordered at any pharmacy or order it online. 

I started using it all over my face just in case.  I was amazed to find that it cleared up my entire face!  It not only cleared it up, but it STAYED cleared up!!  So in saying that, I am giving away a container of this face cream to 1 lucky winner.  In order to win you can do all of the following:
* leave a comment on how badly you want this stuff!
* tweet about this blog and then leave a comment telling me you did so.
* post about this blog on facebook then leave a comment telling me you did so.

That totals 3 chances to win.  The winner of this giveway will be announced on Friday, January 22nd.  So get cracking!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My go to outfit

I am definitely one of those people that finds one outfit that I like and then I want to live in it.  Too bad it's not cool to wear the same outfit everyday :(  Oh well.  This is pretty much what I live in on the weekends though!

Patagonia Fleece - MR.P gave this to me for Christmas last year.  LOVE it!!  This is one of their better priced fleeces, which made it affordable for a special gift.
Seven for all mankind jeans - I know I know.  They are expensive.  But they are THE BEST jeans in the world.  I have never once bought a pair for full price.  T.J. Maxx, Loemanns, and Off 5th have them for major discount prices.  Try them!!  You'll fall in love :)  They make for a good bday gift!
Polo button up oxford - I lived in these in college and I still love them.  The Polo outlets always have them for $30-$40.  Not my usual spending habit on my shirts, but they are good shirts, so I usually get one for a bday gift or something.  (this picture is from gap, but thats ok)
Bare Minerals Make up - This stuff totally saved my face.  I started using it about 3 years ago and LOVE it!!  I have really sensitive skin and it has taken a liking to it!  It really comes at a great price.  To start out its about $60, but it lasts forever!! 
Clear lip gloss - the stuff I am currently using is from target.  Can't beat those prices!
Ruffle hoodie - Old Navy.  Go now!!  It's on sale for $9.99!!!  I love this hoodie.  It makes the casual a little cuter :)
Nine west flats - I love cute flats.  The ones I currently own right now I got as a gift for my bday.  They don't have them now, but these are similar.  On sale for $40!
Sunglasses - These are Ray bans...don't own them sadly.  But I don't leave the house without my snazzy target $10 ones. 
D&B purse - MR.P found it on sale so again it was a gift!  We don't make a habit of spending a lot of money on just regular stuff.  Bdays and Christmas are usually special times to get a gift that you wouldn't normally buy.  Makes it fun!

So anyway, this is what my everyday wear is...except in the office ;)  That's a different story for a different day. 

Monday, January 11, 2010

Pottery Barn $5,000 Shopping Spree!!!

I just entered the Pottery Barn Dream Room Giveaway for $5,000!!!  Go here to enter!  I was thinking about what room I would redo if I won.  The dining room??  It's a difficult room to make what I want.  The "Man Room"?  That would be a good choice as well because I am not loving my ideas for that room either.  Anyway, it's a long shot, but maybe one of us will win!!  What room would you redecorate?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow? and Cash!

I say "Snow?" because our weatherman in Atlanta told us that we were supposed to get 1 to 3 inches of snow.  Well, we got a light dusting at our house.  I was kind of disappointed with the outcome.  I was hoping for our first snow at our house and to get a pretty picture of the house.  I guess this one will have to do!

Something that I really really enjoy is budgeting.  It gives me a peace about spending money on the everyday things like groceries and gas.  MR.P and I started doing the envelope system about 2 months ago.  But, let me clarify what the cash system means to us (its different for each couple).  We pay all of our bills, like the mortgage and utilities with our debit card, then transfer money to various savings accounts, but everything else is cash.  So really, each month we are only taking cash out for eating out, gas, groceries, and misc. stuff.  We take the cash out on a bi-weekly basis so we aren't taking very much cash out at one time.  So NO, we don't have tons of cash just laying around.  For us, this works.  Our struggle was spending too much on these categories.  But let me tell you...doing the cash system has totally worked for us!  We took a set amount into the grocery store the other day and at the end I thought I had done the math wrong and almost told the cash register to take an item off!  It was a little embarrassing, but totally made my day too because it meant I wasn't about to use the debit card instead!!!

To implement the budget we use a spreadsheet to map out each month.  Sometimes things have to get moved around so its nice to have the spreadsheet to play around with and see how everything fits together.  I think of it as a puzzle.  In order to make sure we are staying within the budget we use .  This site allows you to set a budget (same as our spreadsheet) then downloads all of your transactions automatically.  Then you can put them in the correct category.  At the end of each month it shows you how well you have stayed on budget, your trends of spending, and where you could have saved more.  I have totally fallen in love with this site!  The first few months I didn't like it.  Too many transactions going through and it was a little convicting!  Well, once we started the cash system it has made things so much easier.  The only transactions going through are the cash we are taking out (which can be split into different categories) and our bills!  Makes life so much simplier.

It took us about 2.5 years of marriage to figure out what works best for us.  I am thankful that we finally figured it out!  I have such a peace about this.  I am trying to pray daily that the Lord will help us to be disciplined with this and that we will continue to do this for a long time. 

Ok, so what about Credit Cards?  Well, they are difficult.  Our goal is to use them occationally for big purchases to keep our credit up, BUT only if we have the cash to pay it off immediately.  My friend Emily at imperfect had a great post today on the cash system and CCs.  You should see what she has to say about it! 

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fabric Flowers

My parents gave me this wonderful sewing machine for Christmas!  I finally had a chance to sit down and learn how it works.  It took me a whole hour to read the instructions on getting the bobbin all set up and threaded.  Sad, I know, but true.

And this was my first try :(

Not looking so good.  But, thats ok.  I called my sister Dani and she came to the rescue.  She came over the next day and helped me with a few tips.  This fabric was very easy to learn with because of the lines.  They gave me an easy follow for my stitches.  I started out with a tiny pillow.  It was simple enough.  What I really needed was a large pillow cover for our office.  MR.P and I like to sit there and read while the other uses the computer.  So I started making that on Tuesday night and it was very simple! 

Then I wanted to spruce up the 2 pillows so I found some tutorials on how to make fabric flowers!
First I followed this one from Maize in Montana.  It was a little difficult, but I am sure VERY easy for people who sew a lot.  I am going to make a few more to practice so I can make them easily.  I liked it because it frays and gives character.

Then I decided to try one more kind.  (I found about 8 different tutorials, so I have plenty more to try!)  This one was much easier.  It's a cut out flower from Wise Craft.  It turned out soooo cute!  Now the ordinary, plain pillow is cute!

I think my next flower to try will be this one from Grace Violet.  It looks easy and simple because it uses a sewing machine instead of sewing by hand.  She seems like a really cool mom!  I think we'd be friends!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bathroom Touch Up!

We have struggled with this bathroom for a while now.  I wanted to paint it gray, but MR.P wanted it to stay red.  Then I didn't want a UGA bathroom (black and red) and he thought the red brought out the living room.  So I let him win :)  Except not about the UGA bathroom.  While on our trip getting this table we stumbled upon these stars.  I really love stars.  I need to find something else that helps me get my style across.  But for now, these work! 

For Christmas my mom gave me those cute white knobs.  They were supposed to be to hang the baskets, but like I said in yesterdays post, we couldn't find the studs in the wall to make sure it was sturdy.  So we used them here!  It definitely helps the bathroom have a little more character than just plain red.  One day I would like to paint it gray.  We'll see what MR.P says!

I am showing you this post to say that updating a room doesn't have to cost an arm and leg.  I reused the basket from the mudroom change so that was free (since I bought them a while ago).  Then the knobs were a gift, so again, free for me.  The stars were $4 each.  So that was $12 total in giving this bathroom a cute, updated look.  As you already know, I am a firm believer in using what you already have and adding some inexpensive touches to make your home more welcoming.  Now, everytime I see this room it makes me smile. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Front Entrace Table for Mudroom

Alright, so good Tuesday morning to everyone!  I have a new furniture piece to show you all, but before that, I have a little story to share.  As one of our goals for this year, MR.P and I started going to the gym.  Well, when we joined the gym we got a free personal training session.  We met with Victor (I didn't change his name because I don't want to protect him because he was NOT INNOCENT!!!) and discussed a good diet for us.  Then last night we met up with him again to go over a workout.  Only, he had asked another guy in training to do the workout with us.  OMGosh!!!!!  I have never felt so weak in my entire life!  I thought I was going to die.  After our workout, we find out this was the toughest workout on Victor's list.  I think he really wanted to scare us into needing our own personal trainer.  Well, good try buddy, but we are good on our own.  We're not trying to be body builders here or our own personal trainers.  We just want to be in good shape.  That's all.  Thankfully, my sweet friend Kim is a personal trainer and she wrote out some full body workouts for me.  I think I'll stick to those.  And just fyi...I am VERY sore today.  We plan on working out tonight to work out the soreness!

Ok, now onto our new furniture piece.  MR.P and I went to my favorite antique place on Saturday.  We were looking for a bench (and have been for a while) for the front entrance.  The baskets just aren't working out.  Not because we don't like the asthetics of it, but because we couldn't find the studs in the wall to drill into so the baskets would be sturdy.  One reason I love MR.P so much is because he gets into decorating too!  He went looking for some license plates (another project on our hands) but ended up finding a GREAT piece for the front entryway!  I love how rustic it is!  So here you go!

I ended up sanding the edges of the mirror down so that it matched the table a little more.  Sadly, I think the mirror needs something else.  But, thats a project for another day!

We ended up using one of the baskets because I thought it brought the mirror and the table together a little more (color and style wise).  Speaking of mom texted me (yes, my little sister taught her how to text.  We're so proud!) the other day and told me that Pottery Barn is selling these baskets now!  And for guess how much?  $24 a piece!  I got these babies at Scott's Antique market for $9 each :)  Proud of my find!!

Lastly, I think we are going to cut the legs down on this table.  It's a little high, which makes hanging coats difficult.

Monday, January 4, 2010


So Flippie arrived today!  I went home during lunch and heard the doorbell ring.  Hoping it was the book we ordered (forgot about old Flippie), I went and there was a package from Target.  I was wracking my brain as to what I ordered from Target...had to open it to even remember!!  And there it was!  I had to let MR.P know his exciting Christmas gift had arrived!

I texted him with these exciting facial expressions!  I love technology!  He was VERY excited!

Ok I caved

I said I didn't want to write down my goals because they were boring.  Well, really I didn't want to come across as having my act together all the time.  But as I thought about my/our goals they will actually tell you a lot about how imperfect I/We are.  So here goes!

* Wake up 30 min earlier than usual on work days to spend time in the WORD - this is a major struggle for me because I really enjoy a little extra sleep.  This will start my day off where it should and give it a relaxing start. 
* Learn to be more thoughtful - think of others as more important than myself.
   - finish taking nieces on dates with MR.P and I
   - Give thoughtful gifts to friends more often
* Learn to SEW more things than just a pillow!
   - burp cloths for friends - LOTs of my friends are preggo!  Whoohoo!!!
* Take MR.P on a spend the night date.  Maybe here?
* Go on a beach vacation with just MR.P -  We've taken a few GREAT trips with friends and family, but we really need a trip with just the 2 of us to relax.
* SAVE more - stick to financial budget we've set using the cash system.
* Read more books
* Be more intentional with my time
* Ask intentional questions - be more INTENTIONAL with friends!
* Work out 3 times a week - it's good for our hearts.  Also, I want to live as long as I can with MR.P, so working out and staying healthy will help that :)

I am sure there are a TON of other things I want to do or get done, but its really tough to narrow everything down.  So first to get done on the list is working out today after work!  Then making a huge pillow's all good, it's a special BIG pillow cover.  It's stretching and growing me in the sewing process...oh and the patience arena!  Trust me!